Vortex Mathematics

Discovered by Marko Rodin, Vortex Mathematics describes the dynamics of the Torus. As we know, everything in nature moves in a toroidal motion. Everything from the galaxies to weather patterns move in a constant contraction and expansion motion. This toroidal vortex may be an even larger part of the whole that we currently realize. It may be a part of everything down to the atomic level or beyond. Vortex mathematics describes the dynamics of the torus in a way never done before.

Researcher and mathematician, Randy Powell has taken Vortex Math to a new level. Incorporating a mathematical pattern that uses the basic aspects of numerology and Gematria, this system based on numbers 1 through 9 maps out the vortex. It is a simple process of doubling,which is also exactly the way that nature produces (i.e. dividing of cells-1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 4, etc.). It also incorporates reduction (i.e. 10 reduces to 1, 14 reduces to 5, etc.) Those familiar with esoteric traditions will certainly be familiar with this process of reduction.

While searching for the mathematical depiction of the name of God, Randy found his answer in the Bahai faith. This discovery as well as working with Marko Rodin’s concepts led Powell to his new concepts in Vortex Mathematics. In the video links above, Powell goes into detail and describes how this math works and how it relates to Universe and to ancient mystical and mystery traditions. Hope you enjoy!

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