The Order of the SRIA is governed by the Supreme Magus and his High Council.

High Council meetings are open to members of all grades and all are welcome, although only High Councillors are permitted to vote or address the meetings.

Mark Mason's Hall

The High Council holds its Annual General Meeting at Mark Masons' Hall, London. Mark Masons Hall is located at 86 St James's St, London and is the home to a number of Masonic Orders.

Peripatetic Meetings

In addition, there is an Autumn meeting of High Council which is held at various locations outside of London. This gives the opportunity for Fratres of the Society to more easily attend and participate in the High Council meetings and a chance for members at all levels to socialize and discuss matters of interest.

At the Meetings

The High Council meetings are colourful affairs with the Grand officers of the SRIA in attendance as well as the Supreme Magus and other leaders of the Society and its affiliated societies worldwide. The Supreme Magus will always address the meeting and the content of his address goes beyond that of administrative and business matters and can touch upon a number of esoteric topics.

The SRIA Metropolitan Study Group also meets on the day of High Council and hears presentations and papers from members of the Society on a number of stimulating and intriguing topics.