There are several SRIA Colleges within the Province of Western Counties and North Wales. Each SRIA College may hold Grade ceremonies which progress a candidate from Grades I to IV. In addition, each College will install a Celebrant to lead the College for that year. These are known as Installation ceremonies and are marked with (I) against the meeting.

To become a Celebrant of an SRIA College, a Frater must have attained Grade VII or Adeptus Exemptus.

To contact an SRIA College, write to the Secretary at the Masonic Hall addresses listed. All enquiries from Master Masons are welcomed.

If you are not a Freemason but are interested in joining or have any questions about Freemasonry, please feel free to contact us or your local Masonic hall. You can also visit the website of the United Grand Lodge of England and Wales (UGLE) at

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