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The SRIA or Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (Society of Rosicrucians in England) is an independent society of Freemasons. Admission is limited to Master Masons who are subscribing members of a Lodge under the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) or a jurisdiction in amity with Grand Lodge and who accept and accept the fundamental principles of the Trinitarian Christian faith.

The SRIA was founded in 1867 by the freemason Robert Wentworth Little and other brethren following the discovery of certain manuscripts in the archives of Grand Lodge. Since then many eminent and scholarly masons have been members and the SRIA is today a well established and highly regarded member of the Masonic family of other Degrees and Orders.

The SRIA today

There are over 80 SRIA Colleges in the UK alone and many senior members of the other Degrees and Orders are active members of the SRIA.

The SRIA is governed by The Supreme Magus and his High Council comprising (among others) the heads or Chief Adepts of the several Provinces.

In common with Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism and the SRIA is concerned with encouraging the fellowship of Man and within the Western Mystery Tradition comprehending the true nature and purpose of his place in the World

Aims & Objectives

The aim of the SRIA is to afford mutual aid and encouragement in working out the great problems of Life, in discovering the Secrets of Nature and investigating the meaning and symbolism of all that now remains of the wisdom, art and literature of the Ancient World. The Rosicrucian Fraternity is dedicated mainly to the education of spiritual, philosophical and ethical truths of the highest level.

SRIA Membership

Within SRIA Colleges, members are admitted to a progressive series of Grades.

It is through these impressively colourful and intriguing Grade ceremonies that candidates are introduced to Rosicrucian symbols and principles and to the mystical researches of the SRIA and are thereby stimulated and encouraged to continue their personal investigations into the Hidden Mysteries of Nature and Science.

Along with the ceremonial work, SRIA members pursue their individual path of enlightenment and personal transformation through research into subjects of peculiar interest to themselves.

Many SRIA members share the result of their own researches by giving papers or presentations on a variety of topics and by joining study and discussion groups. Thus the SRIA provides an opportunity for sharing insights, learning and experiences with others.

The SRIA has an impressive library of rare and valuable antiquarian books on relevant subjects held at UGLE which are accessible to members of the Society. The Province also has its own collection of relevant books and Transactions.

As a member of a Rosicrucian SRIA College, you will find the direction, structure and resources as well as the encouragement of like minded brethren to help you extend your researches into the hidden mysteries of Nature and Science and more especially to comprehend the light of a Master Mason  - to contemplate on your inevitable destiny and guide your reflections to that most interesting of all human studies…

The SRIA provides the appropriate environment, fellowship and guidance for the aspirations of the philosophical and intellectual Freemason.

If you are a Master Mason, believe in the fundamentals of the Trinitarian Christian Faith and are seeking intellectual and spiritual improvement or advancement then contact your local College Secretary for more information or a Petition Form for admission to our Society.

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