SRIA Provinces

The Societas Rosicruciana In Anglia is governed internationally by the Supreme Magus and his High Council. It is divided into a number of Provinces, each governed by a Chief Adept, assisted by his Suffragan. Each Province has its own Provincial Officers who perform a number of tasks.

Roles such as Provincial Secretary and Provincial Treasurer look after the administrative running of the Province and communicate with High Council to raise certificates for members, disseminate information and ensure that the Society runs smoothly and according to the Ordinances of the Society at the Provincial level.

As well as accompanying the Chief Adept and his Suffragan for official visits to SRIA Colleges within the Province, the fifth to seventh grades of the Society are worked at the Second Order meeting. Each grade is associated with ritual which is carried out by members of the Second Order designated to do so by the Chief Adept.

Chief Adepts

The Chief Adepts are responsible for the Colleges within their respective Provinces. Each College is presided over by a Celebrant and his officers elected or appointed annually.

The Province of Western Counties and North Wales

The Province of Western Counties & North Wales governs a number of SRIA Colleges in  the North West and North Wales.

Bishop Wilkins College No.58 is situated within this Province.

Headed by the Chief Adept of the Province, the Adept grades of V° to VII° are conferred upon Fratres at a regular annual meeting of the Second Order, usually held at Macclesfield.

There is, in addition, another regular Provincial meeting where grades are not worked. This meeting is of an administrative nature and no rituals are worked. The Chief Adept appoints his Provincial team for the ensuing year and delivers his annual address to the Fratres of the Province.

All Fratres of any grade may attend this meeting but only the designated College representatives may vote or address the meeting.