Celtic Mythology and Religion

FREE DOWNLOAD: Celtic Mythology and Religion, with chapters on Druid Circles & Celtic Burial (1917).

There is: The Cause and Spread of Myth; Celtic Characteristics; The Gaulish Religion; Druidism; Celtic Religion in Britain & Ireland; Gods of the Gaels; The Celtic Elysium; Welsh & Gaelic Elysium; Celtic Worship & Rites; Celtic Burial Rites.

"first published in the 'Celtic magazine' in 1883-4. First published in book form 1885"; The "Druid" circles, "first published in the Transactions of the Gaelic society of Inverness, volume XI., 1885"; Celtic burial, "first published in Transactions of the Inverness scientific society and field club. volume III. 1893"

297 pages. Available in various formats including .pdf, Kindle or read it online.


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