Book of the Month – The Zelator

The Zelator by David Ovason was recommended to me a few years back by a friend. It is an interesting read, although a mixed bag.  Although it isn't specified exactly of what he becomes an initiate, it seems to bear a lot of the elements of Gurdjieff's 'Fourth Way'. The author takes the path of the Fool and also refrains from the use of 'I' as some sort of esoteric exercise and ego-suppressant. However, this does become irritating for the reader and the narrative style is sometimes cloying.

I found it an interesting and thought-provoking read. It caused me to pause and consider a lot of philosophical ideas branching from the narrative itself and to research some of the people, places and practices referred to in the text. An example is Austin Osman Spare, of whom I was aware but the book caused me to revisit his artistic and occult work for the first time in years. The book contains some detailed thoughts on symbolism, hermeticism,  and alchemy, the Author passing on his knowledge and experiences throughout.

Worth sticking with, its value is more in inspiring thoughts than any instructional content.


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