The legacy of fundamental structures in Plato’s Timaeus for Medieval and Renaissance Europe

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Registration is open for the following international conference, which will take place at the Miners' Hall in Durham on 14th to 16th March 2018:

There is no charge for attending the conference, but, so that numbers for catering can be arranged appropriately, interested colleagues are asked to contact me *by Thursday 8th March* at the latest.

The legacy of fundamental structures in Plato's Timaeus for Medieval and Renaissance Europe
The Miners' Hall, 8 Flass Street, Durham DH1 4BB

Wednesday 14 March

1.30-2.00 Arrival and registration

2.00-2.30 INTRODUCTION: Edmund Thomas (Durham)

2.30-3.40 PAPER 1 Federico Petrucci (Durham), “Why the Timaeus? The Philosophical Reasons for the Priority of the Timaeus in Middle Platonist Exegesis”

Tea and coffee 3.40-4.10

4.10-5.20 PAPER 2 Sarah Byers (Boston), The concept of matter-as-such in the Neoplatonism of Marius Victorinus [by SKYPE]

5.20-6.30 PAPER 3 Gijsbert Jonkers (Zwolle), “From disorder to order, Plato’s Timaeus and Proclus’ Commentary

Drinks 6.45-7.30

Buffet Dinner 7.30-9.00

Thursday 15 March

9.10-10.20 PAPER 4 Nancy Van Deusen (Claremont Graduate University), “‘What is it that we want to know?’ Plato’s Timaeus, with Chalcidius’ Commentary, on the Topics of Understanding Motion through Sight and Sound”

10.20-11.30 PAPER 5 Jacomien Prins (Utrecht), “‘Not for Irrational Pleasure’: Music in Marsilio Ficino’s Timaeus Commentary”

Tea and Coffee 11.10-11.40

11.40-12.50 PAPER 6 John Hendrix (Roger Williams University, Rhode Island), “The Timaeus and Durham Cathedral”

Lunch 12.50-2.00

2.15-3.45 Cathedral tour: Contributions by John Hendrix, Edmund Thomas, and others

Tea and coffee 4.00-4.30

4.30-5.40 PAPER 7 Guy Claessens (Leuven), “Saving the phenomena: geometric atomism and the Timaeus in the Renaissance”

5.40-6.50 PAPER 8 Andrew Briggs (Oxford): “Curiosity in an age of science” (with lunch)

7.00-7.30 Drinks

7.30 -10.00 Conference dinner

Friday 16 March:

9.10-10.20 PAPER 9 Carlos Steel (Leuven), “Ficino and Ambrogio Fiandino explaining Plato’s views in the Timaeus on the origin of the world”

10.40-11.50 PAPER 10 Christian Frost (Birmingham), “The Timaeus, Movement, Medieval Architecture, and the City”

11:50-13.00 PAPER 11 Nicholas Temple (Huddersfield), “The Timaeus, The Trinity and Renaissance Concepts of Architectural Space”

Lunch 13.00-13.30



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