The Study Site for the Province of Western Counties and North Wales is open to all SRIA members. If you are not a member of the SRIA, you may still request membership which will give you access to further resources within the site and allow you to learn more about the Society and its studies.

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Within the site are various groups which are available to users dependent upon grade. Here you may discuss paper ideas and published papers, ask questions about the Society and the various topics of research and meet like-minded members from other colleges. There are also various resources including past papers and publications available to read online or download.

Rosicrucian Applicants please note: It is not always possible for us to verify your Grades or membership of the SRIA and its affiliates. We do apologise for this but it is an unavoidable situation and we hope that by offering an 'Honorary Grade' of initial membership, it will allow you to engage with your Fratres of the Rose and Cross and make use of some of our resources.

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