Discovering The True Power of the Kabbalah

As people continue to search for ways to improve their lives and strive for success, various principles including those that have long been around, like Kabbalah, have become topics of interest among different groups of people around the world.  The recent years have seen an increased interest in the true power of Kabbalah and how, together with Jewish mysticism, it could help people of today better understand their relationship with others, with God, and with the universe.  This school of thought is strongly linked to Jewish teachings but it has its own set of scriptures separate from those of the Jewish, with principles concerning the nature of man and the universe, and ultimately, the realization of highest level of spirituality.  The goal of this study is to understand the laws of nature so that harmony with nature is achieved to result in happiness and fulfillment.  Together with the teachings, there are tools that are used in order to help people understand and feel the difference in their lives.

Ancient tools and symbols used in the study and propagation of Kabbalah are found in a variety of items today and are still being used for their influence in improving the lives of people who use them.  Of great popularity today are pieces of jewelry that are believed to hold the true power of Kabbalah.  Each piece of jewelry crafted according to these principles holds powers that significantly influences the way the person who uses it lives his life, relates with others, and receives blessings from the universe.  Even the craftsman or artist who is making the jewelry should be well-versed with the teachings and abide by its principles to be able to create powerful pieces of jewelry.  These finely crafted pieces of jewelry are both functional and beautiful at the same time – reasons why they are often chosen as gifts for family and friends of all ages.

These pieces of jewelry bear symbols and inscriptions with specific meanings for the wearer.  Among the ancient symbols and inscriptions that are used to impart the true power of Kabbalah are:

  1. Hamsa and the Evil Eye Protector – The hand figure with downward pointing fingers and with an eye image on the palm is one of the most popular designs used in these kinds of jewelry.  This gives the wearer protection from the envious evil eye glares that send ill feelings and negative energies.  This image in jewelry is also used to bring good fortune and prosperity to the wearer.  Both the Hamsa and the Evil Eye Protector are often used as pendants, rings, and earrings as well as in various applications like wall hangings, ceramic hanging ornaments, and other decorative pieces.
  2. Merkaba – This presents the image of God's throne-chariot which is driven by four four-winged creatures representing man, lion, ox, and eagle.  Jewish religious experts are quick to emphasize that this representation should be interpreted as indicating the various ways by which God takes form in the human world.  Using these in images in jewelry brings forth a well-balanced life of love, health, and meaningfulrelationships.
  3. Jewish Prayers – Psalms and prayers taken from the sacred scripture are often inscribed in these pieces of jewelry to provide spiritual strength and specific blessings to the wearer.  Some of the prayerful inscriptions used in Kabbalah jewelry are the 72 names of God, the Shema Yisrael, the Tfilat HaDerech, and the Ana Bekoah.

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